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Super Metroid Z-Factor

Hack of Super Metroid


This hack is a complete make over of planet Zebes level-design wise, very few rooms actually look like they used to be. The planet is a little bigger now, it still relies on the original region structure but laid out differently. The game-play is unchanged, no new abilities or stuff like that.

However, they’re numerous small ASM changes and tweaks, mainly on PLM and enemies so as to keep the player interested in exploring. Item progression and item count has been sightly altered. Sequence breaking is also possible to some extent (might not be as permissive as SM tough)

This is NOT a hard hack but more difficult than the original game. Special/advanced techniques are NOT required to beat it. If you’re not used to performing shine-spark maneuvers as well as the mid-air morph ball, you may have trouble getting some places later in this hack.

Included are also all old versions of the patch if you wish to experiment with them also.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Used on a header-less ROM




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Reviewed By: jm102887 on 18 Mar 2019

Just finished this hack recently and decided I wanted to do a bit of a review on it. I normally highlight points of interests and how I think they stack up, but in this case, I don’t think that’s necessary to divide into sections. First off, I want to point out that I have a fan-made map of this hack, which I always use as a guide to give me ideas on where to go next. Super Metroid is always a great game, but never was difficult at figuring out which direction one should attempt once they get a new powerup. That becomes my first major deal with Z-Factor, which can be a positive or negative depending on your point of view: IT’S FREAKIN DIFFICULT FIGURING OUT WHERE TO GO!! Seriously, my first attempt at this hack was me going a direction, finding that didn’t work…so check the map and think to myself “Okay, I’ll go for THAT, since that’s what I need here”…getting there only to realize I need something else, so check the map again, find another potential path, but now I need something totally different to go THAT way…check map again, find another path, but can’t even reach it cause I need to go around from another direction to go that way! So long story short…you’ll really get your fill of exploring EVERYWHERE playing this. There’s no sense of direction in the sense of “Okay, I saw a power bomb door earlier, so I go there once I have it” like the base game. Rather it’s more like finding an item and trying to remember everywhere you could use it that you had seen trying to even find it in the first place, lol. So yeah, a lot of trial and error in terms of directions. If that isn’t to your liking, you may want to avoid. Otherwise I don’t believe it’s that offputting as it means more gameplay :P I will admit…this has one of my favorite versions of Tourian to date. Granted, it feels underwhelming when you enter as there are enemies you can’t kill and every door is locked, forcing you to find alternative paths through the place. I won’t spoil anything, but an event after doing this for a bit actually rather intrigued me and was rather creative as I had yet to see a hack do it. It was unexpected and added a new level of tension I hadn’t felt before when playing in Tourian in other hacks. Kudos to you on that, developer! So in the end, “Where Am I Going” simulator is actually a great hack and a lot of fun. I’ve been fighting for a LONG time to get a version of this I could play and get working, and I was glad I did ^_^ Lots of fun, lots of exploration… 9/10 I’m docking a point cause that jump to get the Speed Boost is crap :P You can do better than THAT!

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Not for a casual player.Celice30 Dec 20191.3No
Z-Factor AKA "WHERE AM I GOING!?" 8Djm10288718 Mar 20191.3Yes
Amazing HackMetroidMst03 Apr 2013N/AYes