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Shining Force 2 Counteraction

Hack of Shining Force II


Main Features

  • Counterattacks!
  • Instead of randomly triggering, counterattacks are now guaranteed to occur when possible. Double-attacks also are no longer based on chance and are class and/or weapon dependent instead. Pre-emptive attacks and double-counterattacks are also now possible with similar conditions.

  • Battle renovations!
  • All battles have been edited to some degree to be faster-paced, including player starting location, enemy entities, and enemy behavior.

  • Stats rehaul!
  • Player character, enemy, item, and spell stats have been heavily edited.

  • Weapons now function more as side-arms rather than outright upgrades, a bit like the lance&spear combo in vanilla.
  • Spell learning has been shuffled around and some more characters have been granted access to them. Most characters have their own spell specializations, rather than learning the maximum level in every spell, and lower levels of spells can remain useful.

    Promotion level has been shifted to 25. Stat gains past pre-promoted level 25 have been drastically reduced and the pre-promotion level cap has been reduced to 30.

    These changes were originally balanced around the Ouch! difficulty mode and grinding is not required to beat the game.

  • More parameters affected by the difficulty level!
  • The difficulty level selected at the beginning of the game also affects enemies’ HP and DEF, in addition to ATK.

    • Normal: HP 100%, ATK 90%, DEF 90%
    • Hard: HP 100%, ATK 90%, DEF 100%
    • Super: HP 100%, ATK 100%, DEF 100%
    • Ouch!: HP 133%, ATK 100%, DEF 100%

    (reduced ATK actually scales from 96% (early-game) to 90% (end-game) and increased HP from 118% to 133%)

  • Further promotion differentiation!
  • Branching promotions now differ slightly more:

    • pegasus knights gain increased offense against low-defense targets in addition to flight
    • sorcerers trade cost efficiency for higher spell range
    • brass gunners can root themselves in place to greatly expand attack range
    • master monks stop learning new spells
  • Attack and spell ranges extended!
  • Certain weapons and spells can target farther than 3 tiles away.

More changes are listed in the readme

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Shining Force II (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 22DEFC2E8E6C1DBB20421B906796538725B3D893
  • File/ROM CRC32: 4815E075




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User Review Information

Hardtype in disguise

Reviewed By: Arc_the_Lad on 26 Mar 2019

This is tuned up for people who think SUPER difficulty is easy, which isn’t me, maybe try labeling your hack description better.

I mean it dude, you tricked me into playing a hardtype, label it, PROPERLY.

You’re supposed to make the Gizmo fight a good introduction into fighting mechanics, not trying to give me game over in 2 turns flat. You put gizmos too close, buffed them to be stronger than my party, outnumber me two to one, on top of Sarah being a mage instead of a priest, followed by a Bowie level up that would make Hans from vanilla Shining Force proud. All of these might sound ok on their own, but put together it’s a recipe for the worst intro fight.

I turned on control opponent to see a few more fights and I just can’t fathom not having to use a healing herb after every action.

Having everyone counter on top of adding mechanics to easily circumvent them just makes those attacks much more desirable if not necessary. I’m just going to attack in a way that they can’t hit back, 100% of the time, this doesn’t promote strategy, it goes against it.

Even if it gets better if I keep playing, this is a bad first impression. There are a lot of neat changes I’m glad were added like Peter joining early, all four Creed members joining, counters give EXP, EXP scaling, etc. too bad I can’t stand anything else to get to truly appreciate them.

Been playing Shining Force 2 mods for a while, this is easily the worst mod I’ve played for it.

Hard Pass.

Version 1.0.3 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Hardtype in disguiseArc_the_Lad26 Mar 20191.0.3No