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Go Go Ackman

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Madness, that is how this game is easily explained. It is a neat platform game where you play Ackman, who harvests souls for Satan. Ackman is able to run around from left to right and obtain different power-ups as he collects souls. How he collects the souls is his little red demon buddy named Bodom. Yet as the main characters of the game, they need to have enemies.

Throughout the game, Ackman must face hordes of angels that are trying to stop him from obtaining souls for Satan. He is challenged and faced by Tenshi, who is his rival counterpart angel. Tenshi helps add a little flavor into the game.

Yet, the humor of the game is amazing. It is filled with extremely funny bits and pieces that will help the player follow the storyline of the game. What really sticks out is the facal expressions of the different characters of the game. Because, they really help set the mood of the game with a nice comical background.

However, the music in the game is ok for it’s generation. It’s pretty much stereotypical music that sometimes feels out of place in the enviroment of the levels. What really drives my button is the sound in the game.

The sound is annoying. It nearly drives me insane from the start. When Ackman jumps, it makes this sound that really is more confusing than what it should be.

Translation Description:

The translation comes out really good. It’s interesting to see the humor being translated into English and still be effective.

The hacking of the script went really well. Some of the sentences that the characters say could’ve been touched up a little bit better, but it doesn’t stop the game flow.

The text used in the game though is what really hurts sometimes. It’s really big font. But, it could’ve been used to make some of the puns in the game hold up the comical laughter.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Go Go Ackman (J).smc
  • CRC32: 26FB2D11
  • MD5: 698EC39014F45D1ECEA6ECC7D5223664
  • SHA-1: AD0C13270E27191AF69CB30F5710159422E8E836
  • SHA-256: E8A33B6C8E15CF0AA60E9694471A51926FB97AD895D4714384C6ABFF28A33A1F


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
AkujinTranslationScript Translation
TeunireTranslationInitial Spot translation

User Review Information

Old but serviceable translation

Reviewed By: goldenband on 31 Dec 2019

It’s been just over 20 years since Ackman Translations released their patch for the first game in the Go Go Ackman series, which makes it well overdue for a review.

Obviously, any fan translation from 1999 is probably going to show its age, and this patch is no exception. The English font is large, fixed-width, and all-caps, while the translated script feels abbreviated to fit the available space (though I can’t know for sure without comparing the original Japanese text). There are a few errors (”ALLRIGHT”, “SHOULD OF”, and “ASSUALT”), and a couple of S-bomb profanities – maybe appropriate given the edgy subject, or maybe an overly-literal translation of 糞, I don’t know which.

That said, if we imagine an alternate universe in which Go Go Ackman somehow got an official localization, it probably would have looked a lot like this, minus the S-bombs. In other words, if you’re looking to play the game and feel as though you’re getting the gist of things, Ackman Translations’ patch is more than adequate.

As for the game itself, Go Go Ackman is a competent action platformer with an irritating control gimmick (the “dash” button, which is clumsy in execution). Instead of coming up with a really elegant stage design and smart ways to reward excellence, it just throws unlimited continues at you. It’s hardly a bad game, but the graphics, license, and subject matter have led some people to hold it in higher esteem than it deserves. It’s a decent way to spend a few hours, and no more than that.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Old but serviceable translationgoldenband31 Dec 20191.0Yes