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Mystic Quest Reborn

Hack of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


As many of you know Final Fantasy Mystic Quest gets a bad rap from people that either it is too easy or it is for children. Well of course both of those are wrong. The game wasn’t super easy like some people claim, but it wasn’t at all difficult either. And come on it isn’t for children, it has a good story and keeps you entertained throughout the entire game. I’ve made the game more challenging as well as added some additional stuff to spice it up a bit.

What’s changed:

  • Imported some new music from Final Fantasy V and Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana).
  • Overhauled the entire game’s treasure contents and changed some locations of some of them as well.
  • Brown treasure chests that give consumable items now have a quantity of 4x instead of 3x.
  • Brown treasure chests that give consumable weapons give 8x instead of 10x.
  • “Super” chests at the end of the game give 10x items instead of 25x.
  • Semi-overhauled the characters to better balance from being a useless tool to being useful. No longer does Benjamin feel like he’s the spare until he gets the Holy or Flare Magic. Now Benjamin is the powerhouse and the support allies are exactly that–a support ally.
  • Altered some of your allies’ starting magic to provide more challenge. Phoebe no longer has the Holy spell at the end of the game.
  • Altered the White magic spells to not be able to be casted on monsters to prevent abuse. With exception of Exit, but with Exit you get no EXP from that monster you warp away with Exit. This means you can no longer cast Cure on the Dark King to kill him quickly!
  • Tweaked most of the equipment in the game to have various levels of usability.
  • Monsters have been overhauled, every monster has been changed and beefed up.
  • Monster attacks have been beefed up, especially later in the game.
  • The Battlefields have all had their contents changed and each Battlefield has it’s own # to defeat to earn the reward.
  • Some minor graphic tweaks have been made–and I mean minor!

Note: There was a bug fixed so if you’ve downloaded this already you need to re-download it and apply the patch over your existing ROM.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (USA).sfc - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 6B19A2C6
  • MD5: DA08F0559FADE06F37D5FDF1B6A6D92E
  • SHA-1: 787C535AACA7B57F6B85FC02CEEF106F7FE5EA59
  • SHA-256: 6151389F33CE2E53DB3CD99592440C0020F5F4668F581CE3BD615BC92077F255




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
JCE3000GTOriginal HackingOverall coder and design
JigglysaintHackingContributed some valuable data
ZeemisGraphicsDid the graphic and palette edits

User Review Information

Grindy, but an enjoyable experience

Reviewed By: Sosuko on 22 Jul 2020

After not touching this game since my childhood, I was super interested in revisiting it with this difficulty mod in hopes it would actually keep me engaged. In that regard, it did great! The new difficulty, enemy stats/attacks, equipment stats, and such made it exciting to see all these new things and come up with actual strategies for a change. The new music was also a nice change, though I agree with another reviewer in saying that it would’ve been great to touch up the script a little bit too to potentially make the story a little more interesting (though to be fair, even clever writing may not help in that department).

Is the game grindy? Yes, but so long as you clear out the battle areas, you should be well-equipped for each new area as you arrive to it. That being said, the mid to late game battle areas are obnoxiously long. Like waaaaaay too long. I had to listen to audio books while grinding through those to even bother. Even more annoying, the last one with a whopping 99 battles has a reward that is basically required to beat the game without grinding to an obscenely high level. These are some of the biggest negatives in the game design department.

The battle engine for the game is still very basic, so even with the new weapon stats/statuses, spell orders, etc… most battles will have a simple optimal strategy (and some more resource preserving worse strategies). Balancing these throughout a dungeon can be a little tedious, but it at least is interesting each time you enter a new area to figure these out. For the levels I was at, most battles were hard throughout, and enemies with strong status counters or spells could end you anytime you got bad RNG. Thankfully, the game’s existing “easy mode” continues make dying pretty trivial (you an even intentionally die if you waste resources in a battle). By the end of the game, your abundance of strong spells will carry you pretty well until you get to the Dark King. He was an exercise in frustration at my level, and reaching any higher would’ve taken hours of grinding based on the experience I was getting from enemies. I had basically no chance to survive several late phase attacks, so I had to pre-revive my 2 members until I could barely survive something and chip in a little damage at a time. When I did finally win, it was definitely just some dumb luck of hoping he didn’t use a certain attack

In short, if you like hard-mode mods, don’t mind grinding, and most importantly just want to re-experience this game in a way that actually holds your interest, I definitely recommend the mod. Otherwise, may be best to stray clear

Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Grindy, but an enjoyable experienceSosuko22 Jul 20202.0Yes
Too hard.SirRob16 Nov 2014N/ANo
Almost GreatRiketzKarlom16 Aug 2014N/ANo
I Finally Defeated Dark King!WireByte09 Jan 2013N/AYes
This ROM hack needs a lot of work.Waddler-D04 Jul 2012N/ANo
A Mystic Quest Finally Worth PlayingKlaviaturist22 Jun 2012N/AYes