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NewMs. Pac-Man 32 Maze Crush!2020-07-09 16:11:58
NewDarkwing Duck Sound Test2020-07-09 15:24:11
NewDouble Dribble (Audio Fix)2020-07-09 03:51:27
NewA Girl's New journey2020-07-08 07:46:53
NewMart Bart2020-07-07 18:21:10
NewYoshi's Paw2020-07-07 02:43:21
NewElibean Nights2020-07-06 22:54:41
NewThe Heroes we Deserve2020-07-06 22:01:50
NewFinal Fantasy 1 DoS Solo Assist2020-07-06 03:33:46
NewDragon Ball Z Anime Colors2020-07-05 18:44:30
NewCastlevania Revamped2020-07-05 16:20:55
NewNo pellet point indicators2020-07-05 15:13:35
NewMega Man X3 - Sound Test2020-07-05 10:54:22
NewPhantasy Star CSI2020-07-04 22:55:23
NewUnused Zombies Ate My Neighbors2020-07-04 02:53:12
NewYu-Gi-Oh!DotR_J_3D_Monsters_n_Cards2020-07-04 00:41:19
NewStarlight Mario2020-07-03 23:58:20
Newtoki enhanced color + sprite2020-07-03 21:58:02
NewZ22: The Adventure of Link and Lonk2020-07-03 18:15:51
NewBK3 - the Game of Death II2020-07-02 18:18:54

Last Updated Hacks
EditFire Pro Wrestling 2 Restoration2020-07-09 10:02:31I fixed a color on one wrestler.
UpdateDragon Quest: Delocalized2020-07-08 19:21:13Update includes the correction of a mirroring issue in the Japanese palette version of the optional graphics patch, along with a few minor text revisions in the main patch. Authorship, description and readme were updated.
EditDragon Quest II: Delocalized2020-07-08 12:41:44Change in authorship to "Translation Quest" group
EditThe Heroes we Deserve2020-07-08 12:34:33Adding FEU thread link.
EditElibean Nights2020-07-08 10:25:23Added link to FEU thread.
UpdateDragon Quest II: Delocalized2020-07-08 08:10:10Major script overhaul of 80 percent of text including removed embellishments, restored Japanese, errors corrected, and overall refinement. Updated 4 images, readme & description
UpdateProject ZM2020-07-08 05:26:36Updated to version 0.7.1
EditDragon Ball Z Anime Colors2020-07-08 02:30:07Non compliant titlescreen removed. Description listings fixed format with bullets.
EditMother 25th Restoration Hack2020-07-07 22:45:10Fixed Ninten's basement and the haunted house having the wrong color pallet. Also added update notes to the description
EditCastlevania Revamped2020-07-07 19:39:04Video link of the game added to the description
UpdateProject ZM2020-07-07 17:47:06Updated to 0.7.0
UpdateEternal Champions - Special Edition2020-07-07 14:14:01Removed Easy Overkill in Jetta's stage to prevent a potential soft lock
UpdateStreet Fighter IV: Enhanced Edition2020-07-06 19:35:05Updated version with a couple of bugs reported and fixed. Added a txt to he rar file with bonus content, as the special attacks list and a way to play with the final boss using some hex code.
UpdateMother 25th Restoration Hack2020-07-06 18:21:05Fixed a bug where it won't say 'whatever dodged!' when something dodges. Also added my name (Night Falls) to the bottom of the title screen, as seen on the title image
UpdateFinal Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition2020-07-06 17:34:31Update to 2.09.1. Quick fix to Shadow's dialog if you did not name him in South Figaro.
EditCastlevania Revamped2020-07-06 11:26:20* Title Screen updated to the last version of the game
EditCastlevania Revamped2020-07-06 09:37:39* Edited title screen of the game posted
EditYu-Gi-Oh!DotR_J_3D_Monsters_n_Cards2020-07-06 08:38:57Change ppf to xdelta in desccription, and change all images to 640x480.
EditStreet Fighter IV: Enhanced Edition2020-07-06 04:56:13Fix typo in title.
EditSuper Luigi Sunshine (Now with Luigi's voice)2020-07-05 18:43:27Added the following features: - All the shine sprite models have been tinted green, including the ones on the episode select menus and the monument one in Delfino Plaza. - The Shadow Mario wanted poster in Delfino Airstrip has been changed to a wanted poster of Shadow Luigi. - Various shine sprite images have been tinted green. Updated the list of things it still needs by adding these previously unmentioned problems: - The FLUDD nozzles don't always render correctly. - The Luigi model lacks many of the texture-altering features of the original Mario model, such as visibly getting dirty from the goop or closing his eyes when he goes to sleep. - The level entry portals are still "M"s instead of "L"s. - The goop originally at Delfino Airstrip is still in the shape of a Mario head with an "M" above it instead of a Luigi head with an "L" above it. I also added in the description that people should explain how they created the new assets they make for this mod to me so I can more easily alter them if necessary. And I changed two of the pictures to show off the newly green tinted shine sprite models and textures.