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Recent Updates

  • Translations
    Added support for USA version of the game, now doesn't need to make any modifications and has its eboot.bin (where the translated credits are and which would be needed to be deleted for the USA version to work and not crash) and corrected some strings which translation was missing. Updated the installation process too.
  • Hacks
    v1.1 download was not correct
  • Hacks
    I made World 2-9 a bit easier
  • Hacks
    Corrected the info on how to apply this patch in the readme file.
Latest New Hacks
NewBattlezone 2000 - Secret Mode2020-11-27 11:45:46
NewSuper Mario Bros. CO OP Christmas Edition2020-11-27 09:53:11
NewManiac Mansion MMC5 Patch2020-11-26 18:53:28
NewLunar Pool virus edition2020-11-26 18:23:31
NewDawn of Ishmeria2020-11-25 23:08:21
NewTetris Attack New Palette2020-11-25 22:09:58
NewStar Fox - Scored Edition2020-11-25 14:55:58
NewA Girl's Dream2020-11-24 19:22:53
NewFinal Fight Hard Edition2020-11-23 23:41:33
NewManiac Mansion Uncensored2020-11-23 23:28:40
NewBaten Kaitos Origins Uncensor Patch2020-11-23 12:01:09
NewSuper Mario Unlimited - Deluxe2020-11-22 06:57:50
NewDoom 64 Brightness + Features Menu2020-11-18 09:07:17
NewFinal Fantasy VI: Presentiment Era2020-11-18 00:16:35
NewDr. Garfield (GB/GBC)2020-11-17 19:31:59
NewGoldenEye Unlock Everything2020-11-17 16:25:32
NewNew super mario world2020-11-17 03:28:47
NewPac-Doom SNES2020-11-16 11:48:53
NewSuper Mario Bros. Special - Layout Fix2020-11-16 10:22:32
NewArkanoid Reblocked2020-11-15 09:40:11

Last Updated Hacks
UpdatePokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged2020-11-27 20:27:56version 2.2.1 hotfix
UpdateGoldenEye Unlock Everything2020-11-27 15:04:54Added a second, simpler variation of the patch.
EditSuper Mario Kart: Super Circuit Demake2020-11-27 14:14:58v1.1 download was not correct
EditA Girl's Dream2020-11-27 12:35:08I made World 2-9 a bit easier
EditManiac Mansion MMC5 Patch2020-11-27 11:18:02Corrected the info on how to apply this patch in the readme file.
UpdateNew Super Mario World2020-11-27 09:36:20Change Mario Sprite Add new ips (New Super Mario World Custom Overworld without sa1) for real super Nintendo hardware Now I can say This final version thank you I will come again with new hack
UpdateSuper Mario Kart: Super Circuit Demake2020-11-26 20:29:23Updated hack to v1.1, edited description to include what was updated
UpdatePokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged2020-11-26 19:56:32Version 2.2 update
UpdateNew Super Mario World2020-11-26 17:57:20Fix bug graphics water level world 2 Fix bug graphics ghost house world 3 Fix bug castle sprites Fix fish sprite STARWORLD-6 Fix bounce level bug custom overworld Improved cave graphics I Have completed My Hack Without Problems with snes9x emu May be this final version I think it. Sorry For Disturb
UpdateSeiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana - Item Shop Change2020-11-25 20:56:15Update. Also updated the description.
UpdateSeiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana - Black Rabite2020-11-25 20:49:39Update. And description change.
UpdateSuper Mario Kart: Super Circuit Demake2020-11-25 17:45:37Updated my Super Mario Kart: Super Circuit Demake to v1.1 with some adjustments to make the hack a bit more polished and added all four Battle Courses
UpdateNew Super Mario World2020-11-25 15:34:58Fix all sprites graphics and palette. Change some sprites. Fix status bar on bowser battle. Fix Mario tile when flying. Fix simple bugs.
UpdateMajora's Mask Redux2020-11-24 20:15:39Bring up to pair with Ocarina of Time Redux. Added a proper ReadMe and a clean up of the description. Also, added link to the Patcher64 Tool (similar to OoT Redux)
UpdateOcarina of Time Redux2020-11-24 20:15:36Updated to v2.2. Added Fixed Graves behaviour, centered NAVI text in C-Up, Censored Blood for Master Quest, and some other minor fixes. Also, polished the description a bit.
UpdateReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2020-11-24 17:43:38Updated to version 2.4 - some bug fixes, content additions, dialog improvements, balancing, etc. Be sure to check the changelog for details.
EditFinal Fight 3: Hard Edition2020-11-24 13:15:19renamed title for clarity
UpdateDr. Garfield2020-11-23 21:38:53One more update, fixing menu functionality and other small things.
UpdateFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2020-11-23 21:00:04Updated to version 12.1b - Fixed a bug that caused a Boss to show up at the wrong location. Thanks!
UpdateNew Super Mario World2020-11-23 06:53:49when i was watching longplay for this hack on youtube i found some simple problem then fixed it. I don't want problems with this hack. Please allow me to agree to the update, thank you