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NewCastlevania: Portrait of Elegance (New Portraits Hack)2019-12-13 12:59:02
NewMega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Translated to Brazilian Portuguese)2019-12-13 09:55:10
NewKirby! (A Gimmick! ROM Hack)2019-12-13 03:54:44
NewAddams Family Values Afterlife Edition2019-12-12 02:14:03
NewGuevara - Spanish Backgrounds2019-12-12 02:01:13
NewDeceiver Dome2019-12-11 22:21:49
NewRaeneske Final Mix2019-12-11 22:11:31
NewSuper RPG: Luigi Purgatory2019-12-11 21:56:01
NewBooster the Eighth2019-12-11 21:31:17
NewCrystalis - Sky Tower Exit2019-12-10 02:59:29
NewGhosts'n Goblins Restoration2019-12-09 09:21:37
NewSuper Riff World2019-12-07 01:24:53
NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-12-05 17:58:32
NewRefill Weapon after Death2019-12-05 17:54:34
NewBalloon Fight - 4 players hack2019-12-05 07:32:44
NewMiami Vice: The Videogame2019-12-03 16:35:15
NewRhythm Heaven Gold2019-12-02 01:15:41
NewAstérix & The Great Rescue SMS Full Pass2019-11-30 17:42:19
NewDeltarune 60FPS Hack2019-11-29 02:06:43
NewStreets of Rage 2 - Extreme Mania Hack2019-11-28 12:53:33

Last Updated Hacks
EditCastlevania: Portrait of Elegance (New Portraits Hack)2019-12-13 17:08:36Typo in description for Kojima's name. Corrected the typo
EditAddams Family Values Afterlife Edition2019-12-13 04:58:18Reformating the numbered list.
EditHarvett Fox in the Mushroom Kingdom2019-12-13 03:36:33Released version 20191212.01.
EditMiami Vice: The Videogame2019-12-12 16:17:45Some grammar corrections on cutscene dialogs.
EditGolgo 13 - Top Secret Episode (anticensorship)2019-12-12 14:14:49Adding readme file.
EditKureji Lufia2019-12-12 14:13:15Adding readme file.
EditStreets of Rage 3 Project2019-12-12 14:11:21Setting noreadme checkbox for public maintenance fix.
EditSuper Mario Bros. [New Levels Pack]2019-12-11 17:06:08Added modification bits. This field is now required and this was the last entry remaining that didn't have any set.
EditSuper Ghouls'n Ghosts Restoration2019-12-11 06:58:14I changed the colors of the title screen back to their original colors, sorry about this.
EditBullet Bill in Super Mario Bros.2019-12-08 13:39:39Hack Update.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-12-08 04:01:26graphic fix, graphic updates, removal of point system
EditMega Man 3 Revamped2019-12-08 01:31:27New version update with bugfixes from KujaKiller's latest update of "Mega Man 3 Improvement" as well as some minor level design and damage value tweaks based on feedback.
EditGrand Theft Auto: London 1969 - Standalone Patch2019-12-07 10:49:59v2 eliminates the disc check/swap functionality completely, so this boots up and acts like a true standalone title. Had to resubmit this due to a correction I had to make on the readme.
EditGrand Theft Auto: London 1969 - Standalone Patch2019-12-07 10:43:27v2 of this patch has been created to eliminate any type of disc check and swap completely.
EditPokemon Orange Islands2019-12-07 10:14:53New Version
EditSuper Metroid Turbo!2019-12-06 09:44:04correct image2 screenshot (wrong was uploaded)
EditSuper Metroid Turbo!2019-12-06 08:21:27Update from 7.3 to 7.33
EditFinal Fantasy 5: Void Divergence2019-12-05 11:54:31update 1.53
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-12-05 05:08:36Level moderation and graphic fixes
EditRhythm Heaven Touchless2019-12-04 23:10:43Title is inaccurate. Whoops. (The Japanese version is titled "Rhythm Tengoku Gold", but "Gold" has nothing in particular to do with this patch. "Touchless" is much more descriptive.)