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    Update v1.2 with trade goods.
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    Correction to file.
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    Changing the "logo" (actually it's my profile picture) to a new one that was drawn by bebn legg from SMW Central. I just remembered that my community profile still had the old one.
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    I want to make it more apparent, without having to read the whole review, that there is a way to fix the glitches so that others don't review this patch based on a glitched version. To give the patch it's proper due.
Latest New Hacks
NewSlot-2 Patch2019-08-19 18:23:54
NewCrystalis Screen Shake Fix2019-08-19 17:35:47
NewTetris - Actually Useful Statistics (TAUS)2019-08-17 21:14:42
NewThe Goonies II MMC5 Patch2019-08-17 19:55:23
NewEnable Amakusa2019-08-16 16:44:37
NewTop Gun (Japan) MMC5 Patch2019-08-16 10:10:55
NewSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-08-16 02:55:38
NewTop Gun MMC5 Patch2019-08-15 21:30:12
NewDick Tracy MMC5 Patch2019-08-15 00:57:33
NewEarthBound: MSU-1 Hip Hop Journey2019-08-13 20:48:54
NewDebug Menu2019-08-12 03:57:26
NewSuper Slasher Bros. 32019-08-09 22:47:45
NewSOR2 - the New Challengers2019-08-08 04:55:58
NewSoR2 - Ninja Warriors2019-08-07 19:12:29
NewTetris - Modern Blocks2019-08-05 16:56:11
NewOn the Road to Cleopactra2019-08-02 18:58:33
NewThe Burdened Crown2019-07-31 22:33:01
NewGacha Hack2019-07-31 19:05:26
NewFire Emblem: The Sacred War2019-07-31 17:14:55
NewChaos Mode2019-07-31 16:35:52

Last Updated Hacks
EditDebug Menu2019-08-24 05:27:45Update v1.2 with trade goods.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-08-24 03:38:12Correction to file.
EditSuper Mario World: Just Keef Edition2019-08-23 04:32:57Minor bug and graphic fixes
EditDebug Menu2019-08-23 02:12:22Updated debug menu
EditChrono Trigger: Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch2019-08-22 18:51:21The Extended patches have been redone to bring in more name changes, and as that was being released there were some lines found that still had Mystics left in them (thanks KIL913!)
EditCastlevania III - Carmilla's Edition2019-08-22 16:00:12Minor changes version
EditCrystalis Screen Shake Fix2019-08-22 06:52:48Updating description.
EditCrystalis Screen Shake Fix2019-08-22 06:51:23An errant AE that caused game freeze changed to EA. My apologies for insufficient testing.
EditFinal Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-08-22 03:14:22Updated to version 4.31f - few minor updates to texts and maps. Thanks!
EditFinal Fantasy VI: Retranslated2019-08-20 21:21:27fixed to dialog timing
EditDebug Menu2019-08-20 08:13:50Update
EditF-Zero Nebula Highway2019-08-19 23:33:27Updated title screen as a gif image.
EditChrono Trigger+2019-08-19 20:13:00New version
EditEarthBound Consistency patch2019-08-19 13:54:56This patch doesn't work correctly on non-headered roms.
EditPhantasy Star III General Improvement2019-08-19 12:54:11No changes to hack, but updating readme file.
EditDick Tracy MMC5 Patch2019-08-19 11:16:21Changed the wrong version number for the readme file to the right version in the Description.
EditMega Man Zero 2 Restoration2019-08-19 02:25:38Fixed a typo that was discovered by a user.
EditFinal Fantasy Tactics - Complete v22019-08-19 00:00:03Fixing display issue
EditThe Goonies II MMC5 Patch2019-08-18 21:51:37Change all $FF's to $00's in the expanded ROM area from location $20000 Nothing else in the ROM needed to be changed.
EditTetris - Actually Useful Statistics (TAUS)2019-08-18 21:34:58The TRT definition didn't align with the definition used by CTWC, so the TRT implementation was changed and v1.0.1 was released. Since TRT is important to many people, it was worth a new release just with the one fix.