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NewMetroid FDS RNG for NES version2020-09-28 10:35:36
NewSonic 2: Fair Fight2020-09-27 11:39:46
NewCastlevania - Revenge of the Fiendsiecle Triple Trevor2020-09-26 22:48:21
NewSMB3 Buzzy Beetle Fix2020-09-26 18:00:41
NewElvira's Monster Party2020-09-26 17:14:03
NewBetter SM64 Non-Stop2020-09-26 09:18:45
NewSuper Mario 16 de Septiembre Pack2020-09-25 22:37:40
NewEarth Worm Jim 3 ENHANCED COLOR2020-09-25 13:12:18
NewSMB 1+2 Super Crowned - Toadette ver.2020-09-24 18:59:15
NewMega Man 2 - No Full-Screen Flashes2020-09-24 01:33:59
NewCastlevania - Harmony of Dissonance: Aesthetic Animation2020-09-23 23:20:22
NewMetroid Improved RNG2020-09-23 19:11:05
NewSMAS Improvement Hack2020-09-23 17:56:05
NewHeart of Chaos2020-09-22 15:11:21
NewSuper Street Fighter II Remix Edition By BlastoBR2020-09-22 13:30:43
NewWliy Tower Always Available2020-09-21 20:24:56
NewCookie's Original Sprites2020-09-21 01:10:34
NewLittle Samson Restoration2020-09-21 00:31:28
NewGargoyle's Quest 2 - Ghosts 'N Goblins Font2020-09-20 10:38:46
NewMight and Magic Restoration2020-09-19 19:07:25

Last Updated Hacks
EditMetroid Improved RNG2020-09-29 13:49:41Clarifying that the Polyp bug was in the original game.
EditMetroid Improved RNG2020-09-29 13:21:40Better description of the Polyp bug
UpdateDigimon World 2 Hardmode2020-09-29 10:40:02Improvement in level
UpdateSuper Mario Bros. Resprited2020-09-29 08:54:54Updated the tiles, some new stuff, layout for 4-2 is changed, etc.
UpdateReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2020-09-28 16:54:11Corrected two very small issues that stemmed from the previous update.
EditMetroid Improved RNG2020-09-28 15:58:43Add known issue
UpdateEarth Worm Jim 3 ENHANCED COLOR2020-09-28 15:38:11Updated to version 1.1 to correct titles
UpdateMetroid Improved RNG2020-09-28 01:32:30Version 1.1 release, including bugfixes, optimizations, and also source code.
EditSMB3 Buzzy Beetle Fix2020-09-27 11:31:20Added explanation as to why this hack improves the sprites, as opposed to simply swapping them with new ones.
EditDouble Dragon remastered2020-09-27 08:36:56Changed author, sebastianangel and reedelastic are the same person
EditCastlevania III - Dracula's Curse enhanced color2020-09-27 08:36:22Changed author, sebastianangel and reedelastic are the same person
EditFinal Fire Pro Wrestling Restoration2020-09-27 03:48:38Changed The Ultimate Warrior back to his WCW '98 attire. This one is for FFPW.
EditFire Pro Wrestling Restoration2020-09-27 03:48:31Changed The Ultimate Warrior back to his WCW '98 attire. This one is for FPW1.
EditKid Chameleon: The Last Showdown2020-09-26 18:40:31correct a teleport error in alien's den, and modify some palettes of the game.
UpdateMega Man X3 Relocalization Addendum2020-09-26 14:31:35Patch update.
UpdateShiren2(J) Shuku! 20shunen! v1.002020-09-26 10:58:00Update to v1.00
UpdateMega Man X2 Relocalization Addendum2020-09-26 05:30:57Patch update.
UpdateMega Man X Relocalization2020-09-26 05:28:59Patch update.
UpdateReturn of the Dark Sorcerer2020-09-25 15:27:40Updated to v2.3 (see included change log for details)
UpdateBattletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team (Improved Colors)2020-09-25 14:07:402 IPS 1.1 patches for celestial toads and another 1.1B for original green toads were added