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EditHacks - Deadpool2019-10-19 18:52:39Apparently, the inverted picture bug I mention it's deliverated (part of Deadpool's jokes).
EditHacks - Castlevania 3 - Linear Version2019-10-19 03:35:33Wasn't the correct english patch I was referring to
EditHacks - Herbal Boost2019-10-14 00:20:43Formatting error with Headline, it was necessary to remove the Italics bbCode. I assume that bbCode doesn't work in the entry box for Headlines, not that it matters. That was unknown to me, this being my first review entry. Also some minor touch-ups to the main review text, and placed [List] bbCode for the Luna and Dryad subsections. That hopefully improves the readability of such a lengthy text block!
EditHacks - Remove Empire Castle Gate Permanently2019-10-13 03:53:37Update
EditHacks - Aria of Sorrow Alter2019-10-10 12:49:20more info and corrected a few issues and redundancies
EditHacks - Aria of Sorrow Alter2019-10-09 14:28:46see P.P.S
EditHacks - Tales of Legendia OP Restoration Mod2019-10-04 14:57:08It was meant to be "Bamco" instead of "Namco."
EditHacks - FF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of Balance2019-10-03 08:26:02Added an update after beating the hack. Original review was from only about an hour played into the game.
EditHacks - Pokemon Fire Red Legends2019-10-01 22:39:37Proper review this time.
EditHacks - Pokemon Fire Red Legends2019-09-30 10:41:34Patching mistake
EditHacks - Super CV IV - CV1 Font + HUD + Icons2019-09-30 06:25:22Additional information for users who wish to combine this patch with other patches of SCIV.
EditHacks - Super Mario: Endless Earth2019-09-24 07:30:24Edited
EditHacks - New Super Mario Bros 3 DS2019-09-18 15:45:42An edit has been added in the review.
EditTranslations - Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins2019-09-08 15:24:57Now the word Nivtevto is in its proper Greek alphabet language.
EditHacks - Pokémon Throwback2019-09-02 11:10:55Assuring people the hack has been updated since writing my review.
EditHomebrew - Nova the Squirrel2019-08-27 10:37:35Fixed a spelling error in the title.
EditHacks - Final Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-08-26 15:53:21Minor edit to dialogue, changed title so it's not the same as another review title
EditHacks - Final Fantasy IV - Ultima2019-08-25 21:42:39Updated version and Headline
EditHacks - Communist Mario 32019-08-25 13:01:25Forgot to fix something else.
EditHacks - Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType2019-08-23 18:12:59I want to make it more apparent, without having to read the whole review, that there is a way to fix the glitches so that others don't review this patch based on a glitched version. To give the patch it's proper due.