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  • Translations
    Added support for USA version of the game, now doesn't need to make any modifications and has its eboot.bin (where the translated credits are and which would be needed to be deleted for the USA version to work and not crash) and corrected some strings which translation was missing. Updated the installation process too.
  • Hacks
    v1.1 download was not correct
  • Hacks
    I made World 2-9 a bit easier
  • Hacks
    Corrected the info on how to apply this patch in the readme file.
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EditHacks - Secret of Mana: Relocalized2020-10-13 02:42:24Found more spelling and grammar errors.
EditHacks - Ocarina of Time Redux2020-10-06 07:46:48Edited review to reflect additions since V1.0
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