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NewRoom Transfer2019-08-12 03:29:52
NewwxMEdit2019-07-25 12:40:14
NewFaxanadu enemy randomizer2019-07-18 10:49:13
NewSmb2 Utility2019-07-16 18:47:37
New[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2019-07-14 10:19:07
NewSMB3 Foundry Linux2019-06-30 17:29:27
NewSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-06-30 09:16:40
NewMR Writer2019-06-06 15:19:05
NewIP.BIN 4 WIN2019-06-04 16:57:48
NewPVR Tool2019-05-31 17:21:57
NewI.T.L Games Compressor2019-05-25 13:50:17
NewMedia Converter2019-05-23 06:23:56
NewADXUtil2019-05-21 06:20:36
NewGDRom Explorer2019-05-19 16:33:00
NewPVR Viewer2019-05-15 10:06:27
NewDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-05-09 09:24:54
NewPS3Dec2019-04-26 12:46:56
NewIPS Header Changer2019-04-26 03:06:00
NewBinxelview2019-04-21 16:41:34
Newdpcmc2019-04-14 17:27:54

Last Updated Utilities
EditFinal Fantasy IX translation tools2019-08-16 18:45:03updated tools (move newer ff9mim to workdir, minor readme update)
EditKiddEd2019-08-14 18:33:26I have launched a Discord server for the KiddEd community
EditDKC Entrance Randomizer2019-08-13 17:35:41Added various features. Look at the update log to see which
EditRoom Header Expander2019-08-12 03:17:02Added source code and updated description.
EditSMB3 Foundry Linux2019-08-10 18:50:00version update
EditSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-08-10 18:38:04version update
EditHades Workshop2019-08-03 09:12:23Bug fix. Sorry for the double-submission.
EditOBEdit2019-07-22 14:52:50Fixed a bug with character resistances
Edit[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2019-07-21 17:24:20Fixed many bugs. - Loop commands works sometime incorrectly; - GUI fixes - Level render fixes - Readme additionals and fixes Version 1.1
EditMetrandomizer2019-07-21 02:46:12Version 03 should finally fix the Kraid door glitch. It also adds a few extra quality of life options.
EditSMB2 Utility2019-07-18 07:08:11- Application was missing core DLL files which were needed for it to open. - Fixed up word choice and spelling of certain areas. - Application's GUI has been refined to be smaller.
EditSmb2 Utility2019-07-17 10:44:18I was clearing the description.
EditMetrandomizer2019-07-16 20:54:22Updated to version v02c to fix major issues with world generation
EditShantae GBC Text Extractor and Injector2019-07-11 08:56:35Fixing the release date
EditShantae GBC Text Extractor and Injector2019-07-11 08:46:49Update
EditALX - Skies of Arcadia Legends Examiner2019-07-09 09:58:04[b]New Feature[/b] [list][li]The following Dreamcast versions are now supported:[list][li]@barai (HDR-0119)[/li] [li]Dreamcast Express Vol. 6 (6107110 06)[/li] [li]Dreamon Vol. 20 (8320062 50)[/li] [li]Kuzokuban (6107810)[/li] [li]Official Magazine Vol. 9 (IGN9)[/li] [li]Retail discs (HDR-0076 and MK-51052)[/li][/list][/li] [li]Console output is logged per command by default, which simplifies the debugging process.[/li] [li]Snapshots detect differences between game data and CSV files, which enormously shortens the total runtime when commands are executed multiple times.[/li][/list]
EditSMB3 Foundry Linux2019-07-02 15:30:06Version update
EditSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-07-02 15:28:34Version Update
EditSMB3 Foundry Linux2019-07-01 02:32:42doesn't apply to this version
EditSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-06-30 19:26:29info doesn't apply to this version