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NewCrash 2 Level Editor2019-11-25 17:29:38
NewBARF!2019-11-03 14:07:07
NewTilemap Studio2019-11-02 15:06:36
NewLightweight Checksum Calculator2019-10-30 07:38:11
NewEasySpriteExtractor2019-10-22 13:58:08
NewValhalla2019-10-17 11:10:21
NewYabauseMednafenSaveConverter2019-10-07 23:48:27
NewSimple Tools2019-09-22 08:41:12
NewZapper 20202019-09-05 23:11:49
NewDKC Stage Name Editor2019-09-01 07:11:31
NewUniversal PVR Extractor & Patcher2019-08-25 16:36:25
NewRoom Transfer2019-08-12 03:29:52
NewwxMEdit2019-07-25 12:40:14
NewFaxanadu enemy randomizer2019-07-18 10:49:13
NewSmb2 Utility2019-07-16 18:47:37
New[NES] Super Mario Bros Level Editor - GreatEd2019-07-14 10:19:07
NewSMB3 Foundry Linux2019-06-30 17:29:27
NewSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-06-30 09:16:40
NewMR Writer2019-06-06 15:19:05
NewIP.BIN 4 WIN2019-06-04 16:57:48

Last Updated Utilities
EditTilemap Studio2019-11-24 13:27:35Version 3.1.0 update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-19 00:04:36Version update
EditTilemap Studio2019-11-17 17:08:22Version update from 2.1.1 to 3.0.0
EditZelda Randomizer2019-11-16 17:33:40Updated info and screenshot.
EditFinal Fight 3 SNES Decompressor2019-11-16 17:12:46Added missing screenshot.
EditFinal Fight 3 SNES Compressor2019-11-16 17:06:56Added missing screenshot.
EditMetal Gear Solid GBC Compressor/Decompressor2019-11-16 16:53:02Added missing screenshot.
EditAFS Packer2019-11-16 15:30:52Updated screenshot.
EditAFS Packer2019-11-15 20:52:09Updated to a new version.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-10 22:14:09Version update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-07 21:18:39Small graphics fix. Readme corrections. (Same overall version)
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-06 21:21:52Version update
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-03 23:37:13Version update
EditValhalla2019-11-03 23:03:55Update. Increased performance, extended support to eu and jp versions. Definitive version for this year.
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-03 16:05:08A minor fix, same version
EditSMB3 Foundry Windows2019-11-03 15:48:39Added discord link
EditMega Man X6 Tweaks Patcher2019-11-02 03:20:36Version update
EditValhalla2019-10-30 15:54:33Update. Some bugs fixed, more hacks added.
EditHades Workshop2019-10-29 14:18:03Update to v0.41c, surely the latest version I will make.
EditValhalla2019-10-25 17:05:19Update. Added event support, increased multicore performance.